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Thoughts for the New Year 12/31/2018

Updated: May 6, 2020

Watching the clock tick toward midnight in my cozy little house in Crete. Cold, rainy outside…toasty fire and warmth in. Amazing to me that Victoria Heemstra from South Tacoma is welcoming in the new year, alone, in my beloved Crete.

I was 10 years old when I died. Literally. For long moments. Since then I have known that a spiritual connection and practice is a good thing. For me...a necessary thing. A powerful thing.

I know, from experiences since then, that if there’s a hole in your boat (crisis in your life) it’s a good idea to pray…with feeling… …heartily. AND not a bad idea to row at the same time.

I’ve been rowing. I have been heartily rowing. Those of you who have made some of your dreams come true; or have had the courage to persue them; or if you have come through a crisis… a storm… with compassion rather than know what I mean.

We are rowers. Rowing is hard sometimes. When you are rowing you can’t see where you are going unless you pause and look over your shoulder from time to time to correct your course. Otherwise you will only be seeing where you’ve been.


You must pause. Get a good look at your chosen destination. Lock in. Row more. And you must use your entire body for the most power.

Be embodied.

All of you reading this right now…I KNOW the struggle and I honor you. I’m a rower too. My rowing days are not over. Praying days definitely not over either. I have more learning to do. I have more growing to do.

We are the warriors of Spirit, compassion and positive change.

We are the believers and the helpers.

I wish us all a good year of hard, fruitful rowing…drawing us ever nearer to our dreams; closer to the humans we are destined to be. And a year of rowing and resting, of balance and clear intention and gentle praying and joyous celebrating.

A year of living fully.

I am sending my love your way wherever you are . Thank you for believing in yourself.


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