• 9 years of personal work

  • 12 years supervised group work, as co-therapist, using regressive therapy

  • Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in Clinical Psychology

  • Post graduate certifications in 12+ modalities of treatment including: hypnotherapy, EMDR, Somatic Transformation, Pre and peri-natal trauma, TFT, EFT, Jungian dream work, psycho drama, art therapy, past life regression

  • 30 years private practice as psychotherapist and State certified supervisor


  • Years of training with “energy workers and healers”

  • Personal experiences in this realm

  • 7 years of training with an energy “seer”


  • Training and certification in Somatic Transformation in 2003, followed by years as co-facilitator for Dr. Sharon Stanley.

  • Reiki training


  • 50 years working, mentoring and training with indigenous and shamanic mentors from around the world.

  • Ordained minister

  • PERSONAL: helped raise 9 children (2 biological), 2 rapes, physical death at 10 years of age, followed by 10 months hospitalization and medical trauma, This was the beginning of my spiritual life journey.


victoria@victoriaheemstra.com                                                                 206-780-0423


Sessions with Victoria are centering, grounding and empowering. The combination of her loving presence, knowledge, breadth and depth of experience make for wisdom that is rare. Victoria is a truly wise woman who gives reliable life counsel in every realm.

Former-client and spiritual guide