Welcome …Anyone Willing To Leap Into Life

Dreamers still dreaming in spite of their wounds.


Seekers refusing to give up the journey to find their true path, authentic self…their reason for being.


Those desiring a hand at their back and able to accept support.


Brave ones ready to claim the gifts only found in darkness.


Souls ready to release shaming and blaming.


Those ready to embrace compassion…for themselves and others.


Everyone willing to claim the treasure inside themselves and ready to claim their birthright of abundance.




“Victoria brings a sense of hope and possibility to the world. When I see her I feel more alive. I laugh a lot. I am spontaneous and I feel whimsical and excited. She brings joy and laughter to our times and she is inclusive and kind to those around her.  There is an indomitable spark in her that is contagious.”


Counselor, massage therapist…L