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Spirituality has many definitions.

In this group it is to: deepen connection to your best self, claim positive qualities you already own, manifest abundance, discover your calling, rewrite old beliefs, live a life of intention, fulfillment, with space for mystery and magic.

I have walked this challenging, rewarding, frustrating, powerful, comical, magical path for over 50 years, blessed and guided by Indigenous Elders, Shaman and Teachers as well as my own experiences in 72 years of living and learning.

I’ll be honored to share wisdom I have been given and earned, tools I’ve been taught and to hold the lantern for you, on your heroic journey.


Whether you want to begin, explore, or deepen your spiritual awareness…or are curious or skeptical… YOU WILL BE WELCOME HERE. Groups are small. Space is limited.



WHEN: Starting in September 2021, specific day/time to be determined.

COST: $218 per month with a commitment of 5 months

COST INCLUDES: meetings, check ins with Victoria as needed, consultations at reduced rates for group members, emails/audios/ videos 3X a week to support and remind you: you are not alone on this journey.


To register or for information other classes and events, contact Victoria at: 

206-780-0423 or   



Victoria G. Heemstra, MA


Participants say: “I am stunned…to realize my wildest dreams are coming true, even if they look different than initially envisioned. The amazing thing is how much life expands in the most interesting, unusual ways if you are open to the possibilities. If you welcome the support of a group and are willing to do the work…do it…your future self will thank you.”  CG, artist, teacher, jewelry maker


*Accepting past/present clients   Otherwise, give me a call and let’s talk about it


Public Speaking

  1.  Q&A talks based on your needs, curiosity and requests

  2.  Uplifting, energized and playful motivational talks

  3.  Solitary quest in Crete…what it’s like to step into the mystery, in spite of fear...the ups and downs of leaping into life.


Classes, groups and speaking engagements are very much “participant driven” in terms of subject matter. Contact me with inquiries or to discuss a topic you would like to explore.


I always experienced Victoria as guiding me to listen to MY inner voice to determine the right direction and decisions for my life. She taught me what it is to love myself and to enjoy life. She helped me to look at the “hard stuff”…but not to camp out there. She helped me feel that I am not alone in the world and taught me how to reach out for support from others.

Knowing Victoria has truly been a life changing experience and I know that I am a better person for having her in my life.  Really…the world is a better place for having this talented, compassionate, funny and honest woman in the world.”