Classes & Public Speaking



  1. Grief: Step in, move through, get the "gifts," with solid, compassionate, support. 
    Move past suffering into thriving. Yes. You can do it. . .with a hand at your back.
    Saturday, December 3rd – 10:00 – 2:00   $155.00 


  2. Dream to Reality - 6 clear steps: coming in 2023
    From missteps, false starts, postponements, hopelessness, and tears
    . . .came the positive, empowering, exciting steps that continue to work for me, even in dark times and self-doubt.


My hope is that sharing my process will help you, on your path, to identifying, owning and turning your dreams. . .into reality. . .without having to figure it out alone, designing the steps as you go, like I did. It works. It just does.

I always support follow-up classes for those who would like them. 

Personally and professionally, I find them to be extremely helpful:

  • To check in with how folks are doing

  • To ask questions that came up in the course of practicing

  • To take next steps if desired…

I am also available to answer questions any time they come up.

~ Victoria 

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TOPICS: What do you want to talk about, learn about? How to regulate yourself and others. Fear. Spritual practices. Working with  energy?  You or your group choose. Energized, playful, motivational talks with questions, answers and open discussion.

SOLITARY QUEST, in Crete. What it’s like to step into mystery, in spite of fear...leap into life. Victoria shares her story of 10 months alone in Crete.

Contact me with inquiries or to discuss a topic you would like to explore.

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I always experienced Victoria as guiding me to listen to MY inner voice to determine the right direction and decisions for my life. She taught me what it is to love myself and to enjoy life. She helped me to look at the “hard stuff”…but not to camp out there. She helped me feel that I am not alone in the world and taught me how to reach out for support from others.

Knowing Victoria has truly been a life changing experience and I know that I am a better person for having her in my life.  Really…the world is a better place for having this talented, compassionate, funny and honest woman in the world.”

~ Former-client