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I’m Here To Help

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

For 60 years I’ve “known” this truth: I’m here to guide and support seekers on their way home. Home to the vibrant being they’ve always been. Home to their true nature.

During my solitary year in Crete I became clear that 70 years of living, and all the dark nights I spent in the wilderness along the way, was my quest…preparing me for my path today.

My journey, including 30 years as a psychotherapist, life navigator, ordained minister, mother to many, spiritual teacher, and lifelong student has taught me compassion, wisdom and a robust sense of humor. I see treasure in others and help them identify these gifts in themselves.

We learn so very early, how and who, we need to be in our families, to be survive. Sometimes showing up as the big bright light that we really are could be dangerous. In our attempt to please, fit in and stay safe, we became “less than” our true selves.

Together let’s peel back layers of fear-based mistaken beliefs from childhood like…”should, ought to, not me, I don’t deserve, I’m not enough, I’m bad”…to uncover the hidden gifts you’ve always had. This is how we find and claim our dreams to make them reality. It’s how we claim the immeasurable beauty and lovability of us.

ABOUT DREAMS: Some of us were taught that dreams are rarely attainable, grandiose or silly. “Get your feet back on the ground. Settle down. Get to work”. I don’t believe this. I think dreams are the murmurings, promises and possibilities of our souls, calling on us to remember who we are…who we’ve always been.

Whether it’s writing an opus, helping the poor, saving children, helping the elderly, creating a loving home, writing a poem, planting flowers or leading a nation…our dreams are important. We need dreams and awareness of our own precious uniqueness to move forward in a mindful, kind and empowered way.

MY DREAM: is to support YOU to identify your dreams and heal whatever it is you need to heal from your past to build connection with yourself and spirit. Together let us create a kinder, gentler culture.

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